World Record Holder, AJ Roberts on His Secrets to Training & Business Success

Jason Ferruggia April 8, 2015 Comments Off on World Record Holder, AJ Roberts on His Secrets to Training & Business Success

ajrobertsIf you’re not moving forwards, you’re moving backwards.

My buddy, and today’s guest, AJ Roberts is always on the move onward and upward. A former World Record holding powerlifter, AJ has been inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame and has years of experience leading 7-figure businesses.

His list of accomplishments looks like that of three people put together. Why?

He never stops climbing to the top. Neither should you.

As soon as you reach a new level, look for the next way up. Whether it’s networking, coming up with ideas, setting goals, or getting out of your comfort zone, you have to push your limits. Every. Single. Day.

In discussing how he does this, AJ brings up a concept I often turn to: You’ve Only Got Six Months to Live.

What would you change if you heard the clock ticking louder and louder? Would your motivation go up?

It doesn’t matter where you are now. Your time is finite. Whether it’s six months, or six decades. Get moving.

The only thing in your way is you.

Tune in if you want to overcome self-imposed obstacles, unlock new potential, and hear secrets of success from a man who never ceases to get better.

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • 1:49: What did AJ say to a World Record holding powerlifter?
  • 3:09: Coming to the United States
  • 8:05: How did AJ respond to getting cut from England’s basketball team?
  • 10:55: The importance of family support
  • 15:06: The weird thing about AJ’s accent
  • 16:52: AJ’s time at the world renowned, Westside Barbell Club and lessons from the strongest squatter in the world
  • 23:34: What’s the secret to accelerating your progress?
  • 25:34: The one thing to look for in a gym
  • 29:31: Why did AJ leave Westside? Plus, his friendship with Louie Simmons
  • 39:00: The impact of strength training’s evolution
  • 40:55: How to guarantee training progress
  • 44:30: Should you train like Rich Froning?
  • 46:05: Where does AJ’s balanced mindset come from?
  • 52:28: Who is really holding you back in life?
  • 57:20: A life changing move and the insight it provided
  • 59:40: How did AJ network with ultra successful internet marketers?
  • 1:04:25: Morning rituals and tips on productivity
  • 1:08:49: The entrepreneur’s duty
  • 1:11:26: Rapid Fire- books and music
  • 54:25: AJ’s first business event and product launch

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