Deadlifts, Daily Goals, & Eating For Fat Loss

Jason Ferruggia April 12, 2015 Comments Off on Deadlifts, Daily Goals, & Eating For Fat Loss

deadliftWhat’s up, Renegades?

I’m coming at you for another Q&A episode with more thoughts on training, business, and life.

One thing I noticed is how much these answers reflect changes in my mindset.

For example, you guys wanted to know my stance on deadlifts for size, strength, and athletic performance.

What I think today is very different from what I did ten years ago. The same goes for the way I handle money and approach my day-to-day goals.

Muhammad Ali has a great quote that summarizes this transition:

“A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.”

You must always evolve. Never stay stagnant. Do this by making time each day for introspection, an important habit I touch on in this episode.

Be sure to tune in if you’re also interested in tips on fat loss eating, training ideas for better workouts, and my  current music selection.

Today Topics Include:

  • 1:10- Does money change you?
  • 6:01: The worst kind of room to be in
  • 7:36: Jay’s current music picks
  • 8:50: 3 activities to cover all your fitness needs
  • 9:31: Deadlifting to maximize performance
  • 12:02: Do you need to deadlift to get big?
  • 13:31: Secrets to a healthy marriage
  • 16:59: What are Jay’s favorite podcasts?
  • 18:38: Long term low-carb diets.
  • 20:21: What is Jay’s daily goal?
  • 21:49: Fat loss and meal portions.
  • 24:29: Are Vibram Five Fingers douchey?
  • 27:44: The next fad in fitness, and staying focused.
  • 30:23: What is the hardest exercise to learn?
  • 33:01: When should you use a thumbless grip?
  • 33:33: How to use rope climbs in your training

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Links Mentioned In the Show:– High Performance Coffee

Fast and Furious Strength Circuits– Time To Crank Up the Heat

Nutritional Knowledge Bombs from Nate Miyaki and Brad Pilon

The Low Carb Myth– Ari Whitten

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