De La Hoya talks about comeback fight against Golovkin (GGG)

Tony Samboras June 30, 2015 Comments Off on De La Hoya talks about comeback fight against Golovkin (GGG)

Gennady Golovkin (GGG) is a force to reckoned with in the ring, and his prowess has seen many top boxers refuse to a fight with him. But that might change soon as he is close to landing a big fight. De La Hoya, is a former middleweight champ that is not afraid of facing any challenge. De La Hoya even came out saying that he is ready to face the undefeated champ GGG. Pundits are having a field day with free bets online in favor of either fighter in the ring. Moreover, Oscar De La Hoya has not entered the ring to fight a match in almost 7 years.


Despite being at the prime age of 42 years old, Oscar says that he is looking forward to a comeback. Besides, he was quoted by a big sporting channel (ESPN) stating that his comeback fight will not be just an ordinary fight but a fight with either Mayweather or with Golovkin.

In his words, Oscar says that he is willing to fight either one of the two champs since they are currently the best, and he was always about fighting the best. To him, Boxing is all about fighting the best!


Pundits, Discussions and Free Bets


There has been a widespread discussion regarding whether GGG is ranked among the best pound-for-pound fighters. It’s without a doubt that in every fight he has engaged in, he has effectively held back every fighter that has faced him. It’s on record that he has gone on an undefeated streak, successfully knocking out twenty straight opponents. However, Golovkin is yet to come face to face with one of the best fighters. However, he hasn’t been the one refusing to bout with top fighters as he continuously calls them out to a fight with him.


Oscar De La Hoya was witnessed stating that he was ready to bout with the winner of a Golovkin vs. Mayweather fight. However, recently Floyd Mayweather declined any offers to a fight with Golovkin, who is doing wonders in the middleweight portfolio. Boxing tacticians are in the opinion about how realistic a possible match between De La Hoya and Golovkin maybe. When you consider that Oscar fought last in 2008 and back then, he was heavily humiliated by a knockout from Manny Pacquiao. That was De La Hoya’s fourth loss in seven bouts. On the other hand; Golovkin’s ratings are ever on an upward trajectory as casual boxing fans are flooding free bets online in his favor. By the look of things, GGG is likely to face a formidable opponent before the end of 2015.


Oscar De La Hoya Boxing Career


Oscar, as we have seen above, has not entered a ring to a fight with anyone for seven years. His last match was a loss to world no.2 Manny Pacquiao in 2008. In 2007, De La Hoya was also humiliated in a twelve-round bout with King Floyd. Pundits agree that the bout was a winnable match for Oscar; however, he acted like a rookie by trying to punch with Mayweather during the 2nd half of the fight. His terrible mistake gave Floyd the window of opportunity to counter De La Hoya with punches, thus winning a close decision. After the bout, Oscar De La Hoya was eager to have a rematch with Floyd Mayweather. Unfortunately, his request didn’t come to fruition after a knockout again beat him by Manny Pacquiao in 2008. If there is to be an Oscar De Lay Hoya vs. Golovkin bout, whom would likely be the winner of the match we wonder!


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