Brock Lesnar VS Randy Orton – Dream Match Summerslam 2016

WWE Bulletin July 9, 2016 Comments Off on Brock Lesnar VS Randy Orton – Dream Match Summerslam 2016
The “dream match” era is all but over. We’re never going to see Chris Jericho vs. Bret Hart, Sting vs. The Undertaker, or Stone Cold vs. Brock Lesnar. WCW’s old heavy-hitters are too beaten-up and over-the-hill, and WWE’s monopoly means there’s no major competitor to build megastars away from the Vince McMahon’s industry giant and create these “what if?” scenarios. Lesnar and Orton have fought before, sure, but Orton was a rookie at the time, and neither man was close to the performer they are today. It also took place on a throwaway SmackDown broadcast, while this match is going down on one of the most important shows on the WWE’s calendar year. It might be the last true dream match that WWE have left in the chamber, and they deserve credit for booking it while they still can. They may never have another chance to create such a fresh, interesting match-up between two of the biggest stars they’ve ever produced.

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Believe it or not, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton haven’t met inside a WWE ring in close to 14 years. Their first televised WWE match came on a September 2002 edition of SmackDown, and despite coming through Ohio Valley Wrestling at the same time, they two have never engaged in a major feud.

Brock, of course, took an 8-year sabbatical from professional wrestling to focus on his MMA career, and has been working a reduced schedule since his April 2012 return. Orton has been a virtual ever-present throughout this time period, and it’s shocking to think that they’ve rarely crossed paths in WWE despite Brock’s absences. Fresh match-ups between long-serving WWE veterans are like rooster’s teeth, and there isn’t another member of the active WWE roster with Orton’s tenure and prestige that Lesnar hasn’t already faced a handful of times. This is smart, logical booking from WWE, and fans are about to be rewarded with an intriguing first-ever pay-per-view showdown.

WWE bottomed out violently Monday on Raw, with a 1.87 rating for a Fourth of July show that peaked at just 2.668 million viewers. Monday’s rating was alarmingly low, even for a holiday show. Now, the third of three Shield members is being associated with poor ratings during a world title reign. Suddenly, WWE’s gamble in allowing Brock Lesnar to compete in the  seems much more necessary. Lesnar has already been advertised to appear on the live SmackDown broadcast later this month. The product needs something, anything, different. And the unique circumstances behind one man headlining back-to-back major pay-per-views in two different combat sports is that thing.

Adding further intrigue to the clash is that it is Orton’s first match since injuring his shoulder late last year. Having been out of action since November, Orton is assuredly interested in reasserting himself as WWE’s Apex Predator. There may be no better way to accomplish that goal than by taking down The Beast Incarnate. Yet, the question remains: Will Orton’s shoulder end up being a weakness against Lesnar? Watch this historic showdown in its entirety when SummerSlam airs live from Brooklyn, N.Y., on the award-winning WWE Network Sunday, Aug. 21, at 7 ET/4 PT.

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