Backlash 2017 – Results

WWE Bulletin May 22, 2017 Comments Off on Backlash 2017 – Results

Jinder Mahal def. Randy Orton to become the new WWE Champion (RESULTS | PHOTOS) 

In the future, when Jinder Mahal claims his time has come, we would be wise to take him at his word. The Maharaja completed the most improbable career turn in recent memory at WWE Backlash and defeated Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship, putting to rest a brazen, month-long campaign where the young Superstar stared down a 13-time World Champion and refused to blink once in the face of his foe. Orton did find daylight by sending Mahal shoulder-first into the ring post and executing a suplex, but the champion kept his left arm close to his body for the whole match, and each signature move he executed seemed to wear slowly away at his pain threshold. Mahal continued the punishment by throwing Orton twice into the ring post, but when The Singh Brothers saved the Maharaja from an RKO, The Apex Predator turned his attention to Sunil & Samir. He may, ultimately, wish he hadn’t. Orton’s dismantling of Mahal’s acolytes was textbook (he even seemed a little guilty after sending one of them tumbling almost 360 degrees through the air), but when he executed a double hanging DDT on both brothers, Mahal ran up from behind and administered the Khallas to win the WWE Championship.

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