Dave Mitchell May 22, 2017 Comments Off on IS STEPH CURRY OVERRATED?

OMG! So LeBron James had a bad game last night. Get over it people. Especially those at ESPN. It’s hard to believe that at times, ESPN can not only knock a player down, but also promote a player SO much. Because of that, we disregard what we really see. That player can actually be decent, however because they do stupendous things and make the highlight reel every night, it seems they are better that they really are.

This has happened in years past with players like Dwight Howard and Al Horford. Each of them went the same way. They started with careers that showed so much promise in Orlando and Atlanta. Yet when the big money came calling, their games took a turn for the worst. And so did their career.

Besides those two players, there is one person in the NBA that gets more face time than anyone. He can sit on the bench and get looks. He can put on a dribbling exhibition before the game, with nobody around him, and get camera time. He can put up shots from anywhere, with no defense anywhere in site, and make shots. Thus he is the greatest in the game today. That player is Golden State guard Steph Curry.

When Curry hits the floor, all eyes move towards him. Why? Because during warm ups he can do outstanding things. We have all seen it. Certainly Curry is a great shooter, that cannot be disputed. But the rest of his game is in doubt. And if you disagree, look at the numbers.

In 8 years, the Golden State guard has won two MVP awards, and probably didn’t deserve either. If he did, it would have been the award in the 2015-16 season when he averaged 30.1 points per game. All in all it was his best season. Yet it was a season where Curry was, for the lack of a better term, a “ball hog”. He averaged 31 shots per game that ear, or almost one point for every shot. His assist ratio was a mediocre 6.7 per game for a supposed point guard.

Curry is a good guard, a decent guard. But to put him into a category with the greats is a leap for even ESPN. As a matter of fact when you compare Curry to former Philadelphia 76er Allen Iverson, you will find there is no comparison. Its not even close!

Iverson played 16 seasons in the league, 12 with Philly. And most of the Philly teams Iverson played on were terrible. In fact during his 12 years, the Sixers won over 40 games in only 5 seasons. In the 2000-2001 year, Philly lost in the Finals. Yet during those 12 years, Iverson averaged over 23 ppg every year, and over 30 points in 5 of those seasons.

Now its understandable detractors could say Iverson handled the ball all the time. That he was the only scorer on the Sixers. And they would be correct. However, again, look at the numbers.

Curry has averaged 30 ppg once in 8 years. By the time he was the same age as Curry, Iverson had 30 point season twice, and another two years of 28 and 27. The next best year for Curry was 25 and 24. As far as shots per game, Iverson over his career averaged 25 combined 2 and 3 point attempts. Curry is over 30. Also in his first 8 years, Iverson had over 7 assists per game 4 times. Curry Twice, although Curry did have a career high 8 assists per game in the 2013-14 season.

Turnovers were virtually the same, as were steals. Yet Curry has always had a team of players around him, while Iverson didn’t. When you went into Philly, if you stopped Iverson, you win. If you stop Curry, the Warriors still had a chance to win. Also Iverson lived for the physicality, Curry avoids it.

Curry has a long way to go to become the player Allen Iverson was. He has a long way to go just to be mentioned in the same conversation. That day might come. But until then, lets speak of Stephen Curry in realistic terms. A good ball player, fantastic shooter and as overrated as they come.

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