49ers 2019 Draft Picks & Rookie Impact Predictions

Ronbo Sports May 3, 2019 Comments Off on 49ers 2019 Draft Picks & Rookie Impact Predictions

Now that we’ve got a chance to see the #49ers new recruits, and learned more about them, since last week, everybody is talking about them. Most believe they know what to expect from Nick Bosa. In fact so much so, that not many are even talking about Nick! The biggest attention getters have been 2-4th round picks Deebo Samuel of whom is gathering great reviews, and expected to do well. The surprise pick in the 3rd round Jalen Hurd has captured the imagination throughout the #NinerEmpire. Meanwhile Mitch Wishnowsky the scintillating punter from The university of Washington via Australia has everybody curious. The boos from picking a punter in round 4 have quieted way down. Wishnowsky is not what anybody outside of Perth Australia and the University of Washington was aware of.
Well be talking a lot about the draft in this weeks installment while also covering several other topics of interest including:

— Is there a growing impatience in Ninerville with Lynch & Shanahan as they enter the 3rd season with little to show for the time they’ve been with San Francisco? Is the restlessness among the fan base warranted?

—Have we saw enough to believe the 49ers are now capable of turning the corner as long as they can stay healthy on their feet?

—What pick or picks are the most impressive at face value within this draft? How will the class of 2019 impact the upcoming season?
All of the aforementioned, and much more in this 1st month of May “Ronbo Sports Weekly”

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