49ers Draft | Breakdown Of 2019 Roster

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For the first two seasons of the #49ers draft under John Lynch & Kyle Shanahan has been judged by many to be a work in progress. They have a few standouts since their arrival in 2017, and some not so standouts and players possibly still developing. We’ll wait and see about their 2019 draft harvest. That won’t stop conversation around the 49ers community who would never wait. That is a topic of conversation here today on Ronbo Sports.
The beginning of a “New Beginning” has arrived for the 49ers “on paper” Now all they need do is execute.
With a coach like Kyle Shanahan wreaking havoc offensively that most likely won’t be difficult.
The 49ers defense is of a concern to many but should it be?
Ronbo Sports is joined to day by New York City #Ninerfaithful Steven Dickey to discuss the current state of the #49ersfranchise We’ll examine both the #Niners offense & defense to isolate the weaknesses as well as the strengths Also:

– Talk about the 49ers 2019 draft choices. Did the team draft towards future domination or continued mediocrity?
Will the new defensive personnel additions be enough to get the critics off of Robert Saleh or is the famous system no longer a mystery to NFL OC’s
-Which stats can be expected to improve this season provided health isn’t a factor in 2109?

All of the aforementioned, and much more in this 2nd week of May on the “Ronbo Sports Weekly”

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