Selig Shows No Committment

Dave Mitchell August 4, 2013 Comments Off on Selig Shows No Committment

AlexRodriquezMajor league baseball’s penalties on the Biogenesis investigation will be announced Monday around the noon hour. It is expected almost 20 players will see their season come to an abrupt end.

However the biggest fish baseball is going after has different plans. Alex Rodriquez is ready to come back to the New York Yankees at the same time MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is ready to suspend him for PED’s. Which one blinks first is the question, and it appears to be Selig.

After weeks of rumors that Selig was ready to suspend Rodriquez for life, or at least through next season with the invocation of the “Best interests of Baseball” rule. Meaning Rodriquez would be banned from playing while he appeals. Now it appears Selig will allow Rodriquez to play.

Certainly Arod will be suspended. He has made it a point over the past three weeks to posture, talk and threaten baseball about the upcoming penalties. He has made it clear any suspension would be immediately followed by appeal, in and out of the legal system. This apparently has made Selig the first to blink.

Many media reports state Selig will allow Arod to play while the appeals progress. This means Rodriquez can influence another pennant chase, something baseball wants to eliminate and almost all the others that will be suspended have agreed to.

Selig doesn’t want to make a decision. That would mean he has to take a stand and be responsible for it. He has negotiated and coddled thoseBudSelig accused, apparently in the effort to appease the Union and make the penalty easier to accept. Thus eliminating the possibility of appeals and overturning a ruling he has made.

Selig needs to grow a backbone, prove that baseball is indeed committed to eliminating PED’s from the game and those involved. As of now Arod is the commissioner and Selig the accused.

The roles are reversed.

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