What I Eat in a Day: Intuitive Eating + Easy Recipes

Ultimate Sports Talk May 6, 2019 Comments Off on What I Eat in a Day: Intuitive Eating + Easy Recipes

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I wanted to try this recipe and highly recommend!


Asian chicken salad –

Flatbread recipe (I do this by eye so I forget the ratios but this recipe looks awesome and uses the same ingredients I did!)


Prawn linguine –


I usually take about 1-2min rest between each set and exercise for the pull-ups I had about 3 minutes rest between each exercise and dropset

Pullups – 3 sets weighted pull-ups to failure (I used ~14kg resistance)
Pullups – 3 x drop sets – 3 weighted, 3 bodyweight, 3 assisted pull-ups
Resistance band bear crawls – 3 x 30s
Single arm handstand holds – 3 x 60s slowly alternating hands
Hip thrusts – 5 x 10
Superset with Plyo hip thrusts – 5 x 10
Reverse deadmill walks – 3 x 1min
Banded curtsey to knee drive holds – 3 x 12 per side
Back to front single leg squat variations – 3 x 6 per side
Single arm toe to bar – 3 x 5 per arm
Incline deadmill pushes – 3 x 1min