Hashtag Sports with 26 Shirts and Dave and Adams: Giveaway for the Punt Foundation

Hashtag Sports November 19, 2019 Comments Off on Hashtag Sports with 26 Shirts and Dave and Adams: Giveaway for the Punt Foundation

Hashtag Sports is teaming up with 26 Shirts and Dave and Adams Card World to raise money for The Punt Foundation and we need your help.

For $5 up to $25 you can make a donation and get assigned Football Boxes that will be randomly drawn for the Final Four Bills Games in the 2019 Season.

If you are interested in donating, you can do it via Vemno or the Cash App below:

Venmo: @hashtagsports or hashtagsportsradio@gmail.com
Cash App: $HashtagSportsRadio

***Be sure to mark the donation as Private for Vemno and send us your mailing address.

***You can also email us your address at the email above or htagsports@gmail.com

The Drawings will be during the following games:
12/8 Baltimore Ravens
12/15 Pittsburgh Steelers
12/21 New England Patriots
12/19 New York Jets

Please help us raise money for the Punt Foundation. Our Goal is $2,000.

As always, thanks for riding with us.

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