My CURRENT Training Routine: Full WEEK of Workouts!

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My full weekly workout routine in detail + the tricks I use to make sure my workouts are working! For science-based workout programmes to build muscle, lose fat, or get athletic, my training + nutrition guides approved by a world-leading nutrition expert behind the British Olympic team are available on ❤️

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My week of workouts:

Day 1: Full Body (~1hr)

– Superset: 4 x Pull-ups (6 reps) + Ring rows (6 slow reps)
– Full body press with band: 3 x 6 2sec holds
– Landmine squat to press: 4 x 10reps
– Push press: 4 x 6reps
– Single arm dumbbell snatch: 3 x 8reps per side
– Resistance band bear crawl: 2 x 30s back and forth
– Medicine ball extensions: 4 x 15 reps

Day 2: Skills (~30mins)
– 5-10 mins handstand drills (shoulder taps, handstand walks, leg lifts)
– 5 mins backflips (I try and do 15-20 in total)
– 15mins stretching for the box split

Day 3: Lower body (~1hr)
– Hex bar deadlift: 5 x 4reps
– Plate cleans: 4 x 10reps
– Kneel to squat to box jumps: 4 x 8reps
– Resistance band sprints: 3 x 15s
– Overhead plate duck walks: 4 x 12 (total reps)
– Reverse alt. Lunges: 3 x 14 (total reps)
– Hip thrusts: 4 x 8reps
– Wide stance leg press: 4 x 8reps

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Gymnastics (~1.5hrs)
– 45mins drills (handstand drills, tumbling drills)
– 45mins freestyle (flag, front + back somersaults, side flips an aerials)

Day 6: Full Body or HIIT workout (~1hr)
– Asymmetric KB rack walking lunges: 2 x 10 per side (4 sets in total)
– Walking pistol squats: 3 x 8 total reps
– Iguana press ups: 4 x 10 total reps
– Dumbbell squat to press: 3 x 12 reps
– Single arm lateral KB swings: 2 x 10 per side (4 sets total)
– Lateral KB swings: 1 x 12 per direction (2 sets total)
– Sled pushes: 3 x 20m
– Swiss ball balances: 3 x 45s
– Elevated leg side planks: 2 x 12 per side

Like I said in this video this is my ideal split, but sometimes I just don’t have time so I’ll do a HIIT session instead which only takes me 20 minutes (:

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