Pro Wrestling Journey: FSW Limitless (Dec 10, 2021)

Greg Mitchell January 17, 2022 Comments Off on Pro Wrestling Journey: FSW Limitless (Dec 10, 2021)

This event was found as part of the Fite+ membership on You may know Future Stars of Wrestling for promoting the wrestling return of Killer Kross fka Karrion Kross from NXT. I since learned that FSW has its own network with more current events, so I’m guessing their content appears on Fite+ after 30+ days. If you want to view more content both their archive footage and live PPVs, I highly encourage a membership to their FSW Network. I learned about this network after reviewing their Twitter account. With that said, on to the event!

Jordan Oasis vs “Cut Throat” Cody Hancock

Announcers let the audience know that both of these competitors were stepping in for individuals who could not attend due to COVID. Kudos to both of them for stepping up short-notice (or at least the FSW announcers made it sound like it was short-notice).

Like my other reviews, most of the talent on this show are wrestlers I have never heard of. “Cut Throat” Cody reminds me so much of a less muscular version of Ryback. I kept expecting him to yell out “Feed Me More” when he would go on an offensive run.

These two went back and forth for much of the match. It was very close both ways! The announcers mentioned at one point that Oasis was using a style similar to Cody, which was different than what they were used to seeing from him. I’m not sure Oasis hit a senton off the top rope that looked amazing. Cody hit a submission that legitimately looked like he might take off his opponent’s arm at the shoulder. This was a good match to start the show and not a bad way to introduce new fans like me to FSA.

Overall Match Rating: 3 Stars

1st Round Limitless Tournament Match
Adrian Quest vs Jack Cartwheel

The announce team talked up Cartwheel for much of the match saying he was in high demand from other promotions like GCW and PWG. His moves definitely look pretty because he has a gymnast-style approach in the ring. However, I was very impressed with Adrian Quest. Quest led the match and told the story the entire time.

There were several botched moves in this contest, but I appreciated how both wrestlers acknowledged the botches and made up for them with other moves. They never lost the crowd and the flow of the match didn’t suffer. This really spoke to their professionalism. Quest slipped on the second rope early in the match and made it part of the story screaming at the FSW announce table to have the ring crew fix the loose ropes. Great way to adjust on the fly quickly!

Cartwheel hit a Jack Arrow high flying move on the top rope to win the match. Again, not surprising with how much the announce team kept talking him up.

I was a little surprised to find out that this was the second tournament match. Apparently, Oasis/Hancock was also a 1st round tournament match and there would be a Fatal 4 Way Main Event to end the show. If they mentioned this during the first match, I missed it.

Overall Match Rating: 3.25 Stars due to so many botched moves

1st Round Limitless Tournament Match
Jakob Austin Young vs Davey Richards

Davey Richards is a name I’ve heard around pro wrestling for a while, but I have never seen him wrestle. I am aware that Richards is in MLW from my recent review of MLW Fusion. Jakob Austin Young is a new name for me, so I’m excited to see what these two do together.

This was a very slow, methodical decimation of Jakob Austin Young. I never felt like he had a chance in this match and Davey probably could have ended it at any time. For most of the match, Richards attacked the right arm with submission after submission. We saw a scorpion death lock attempt along with a four-leaf clover hammerlock combination. This was a slow match and had less entertainment value than the first two matches.

Richards won via submission due to the ankle lock. I honestly was glad when this was over.

Overall Match Rating: 2.25 Stars

1st Round Limitless Tournament Match
“Gravity Renegade” Lucas Riley vs Damian Drake

There were about 30-seconds of fast-paced action that I really enjoyed in this match. The rest of the time, I wasn’t familiar with these two wrestlers and neither really earned my interest. I’m really hoping this is a lull before an explosive main event because the last two matches were a disservice to the first two matches.

Damian Drake won by a Danger Level 96 move.

Overall Match Rating: 1.75 Stars

Matt Vandagriff vs Impact X-Division Champion Trey Miguel

First of all, can someone please tell the ring announcer how to pronounce Toledo, Ohio? It’s not “Toletto.” It’s “Toleedo.” This is probably something you should get out of the way before the show (or the match) starts.

I am blown away by Matt Vandagriff. This guy should be on bigger shows immediately. He had a great match with Trey Miguel and I could easily have seen that fight on an Impact Wrestling pay-per-view for the X-Division Championship. I’ve never heard of Vandagriff before, but if you’re like me than you need to pay attention to this “future star of wrestling” because he is definitely going places!

Trey Miguel ended up pulling out the victory via pinfall. There were so many close pinfalls in this match, but Vandagriff owned Miguel for most of the match. I kept getting more impressed as the match went on. Of all the stars that won in the tournament earlier, Vandagriff is the only one that I wish I could have seen wrestle for a second time on the card. I’ll definitely be watching for more Vandagriff content.

Overall Match Rating: 3.5 Stars

4-Way Elimination Main Event
Jack Cartwheel vs Davey Richards vs Damian Drake vs “Cut Throat” Cody Hancock

Based on what I’ve seen during this event, the favorite in this match for me is Davey Richards. I think his style could counter any high flying or fast-paced action. He can take Cody’s style and dish out even more damage, so Richards makes sense to be the favorite in this final match of the tournament.

Jack Cartwheel eliminated Cody via pinfall due to the Jack Arrow off the top rope.

Davey Richards eliminated Jack Cartwheel via submission due to the ankle lock, while simultaneously having Damian Drake in a figure four submission. Wow! This was cool to see when he had them both in a different submission at the same time. Like the announcers said, “what can’t he do?”

Damian Drake eliminated Davey Richard via pinfall due to a brainbuster. What!? This literally came out of nowhere. I’m speechless. Drake definitely wasn’t the best wrestler on the night, but sometimes luck is better than talent.

Overall Match Rating: 2.75 Stars

During the post-match victory ceremony, Drake held up the trophy and was immediately attacked from behind by Matt Vandagriff! (YES!!!) I know I’m supposed to hate Vandagriff, but he was the standout performer on the night without a doubt. Show me more of this guy!

Overall Show Rating: 3.25 Stars

This was a really fun way to end the show. Overall, it had its ups and downs, but I enjoyed the show and would definitely watch another FSW event in the future.

Head over to the FSW YouTube page. I see that they have some free matches posted there, so definitely worth checking out if you want to see some free content to get a flavor for FSW.