Pro Wrestling Journey: NWA Powerrr, Season 7, Episode 5

Greg Mitchell January 19, 2022 Comments Off on Pro Wrestling Journey: NWA Powerrr, Season 7, Episode 5

Personal note, I have done a few of these already and realized that I hated the format. I’m not an expert on moves and not a Dave Meltzer wannabe, so I have completely ditched the stars system and references to specific moves or series. I’ll mention my feelings or thoughts before the match and any observations or takeaways I have after the match. In the end, I’ll give my thoughts on whether the match should be watched or just skip through it. No official rating scale, just my personal opinion. This is about my pro wrestling journey learning about new wrestling companies and watching wrestlers that sometimes I’ve never heard of. Feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts. This episode was watched on replay via NWA All Access.

Kylie Rae vs Allysin Kay

Pre-match Comments: Being from Chicago, I am a HUGE fan of Kylie Rae. With that said, I became a fan of Allysin Kay in MCW in Ohio years before she was famous. This was back when she was a tag team with Jessicka Havok. With that said, I love both of these ladies and can’t wait to see this match. It should be a lot of fun!

Kylie Ray wins via pinfall.

Post-match Thoughts: This match did not disappoint! It was everything I hoped it would be. I could easily see these two headline a pay-per-view as singles or see this feud develop into a tag team championship opportunity. Either way, give me more! I have to say that Kylie Rae looks extremely strong and healthy in the ring. She moved quickly and, maybe it’s just me, but she looks to be firing on all cylinders right now.

Final Match Rating: MUST WATCH

Dirty Sexy Boys Segment

Please watch this! Dango is doing some of his best work right now. This segment was both hilarious and entertaining. I was disappointed when the segment ended because I wanted to see more. But the ending could not have been any better. Definitely do not fast forward through this segment!

Madi vs Melina

Pre-match Comments: I first saw Madi on a Mission Pro Wrestling event. I thought she was really good in the ring but needed to face better competition to see how good she really could be. Enter Melina! I was one of the fans screaming when WWE released Melina. I thought it was a travesty and couldn’t understand how they could let such a talented wrestler go when the Divas division was atrocious at the time and had very few actual wrestlers. I was aware that Melina was back in pro wrestling and had been in NWA, but this is my first time seeing her back in action since she parted ways with WWE. This should be a fun match.

Melina wins via pinfall.

Post-match Thoughts: The match started off really strong. I think they both could feel that it started dragging a little, so I loved how Melina started taking shots to the face and screaming back at Madi. The two had excellent chemistry together and I won’t be surprised to see these two face off again somewhere down the line. It didn’t quite live up to my nostalgic expectations, but I was still very happy to see Melina back in the ring and still doing her famous moves and ring entrance.

Final Match Rating: Worth Watching

The Dirty Sexy Boys vs The Ill Begotten with Honorary Ill Begotten Members The Fixers

Pre-match Comments: I’ve been excited to see Dango compete since I watched his recent interview with Chris Van Vliet. The new character is really fun to watch and I am glad to see he is taking this opportunity to re-brand himself and take some chances.

Ill Begotten wins via pinfall.

Post-match Thoughts: The highlight of this match was for the 60-90 seconds when Dango was hot tagged and went on an offensive frenzy. Other than that, I wasn’t invested in this match. The storyline of the Ill Begotten paying off the Fixers at the end of the match was also really strange. It took so much time, and I kept expecting Dango to kick out of the double brainbuster because of that. Either way, not what I was hoping for. Next time, I hope we get to see more Dirty Dango!

Final Match Rating: Skip It – but go back and watch the interview segment from earlier!

Anthony Mayweather Segment

The segment was not great, but so awesome to see the man formerly known as Crimson. I loved this guy back in TNA.

Hawx Aerie vs Jordan Clearwater & Marshe Rockett

Pre-match Comments: This is my second full NWA show that I’ve watched, not just recently – but ever! With that said, I despise Austin Idol and Velvet Sky on commentary together. When they go back and forth with one another and Idol acts like a five-year-old, I want to vomit.  This is my second time watching the Hawx in action. PJ is very talented and will be a star in wrestling for years to come. I don’t know Clearwater or Rockett, so this will be an interesting introduction.

Hawx Aerie won via pinfall.

Post-Match Thoughts: PJ Hawx is a star in the making. That kid is going to become a big name at some point in the future. He makes a lot of junior mistakes right now, but in a matter of two weeks, I’ve seen him get better in the ring from match to match. The finish to this was a little clumsy. I was also pleasantly surprised by Jordan Clearwater. I’m not familiar with his work, but he showed some serious skills in this match. I think he should be a singles competitor and maybe even see a turn where he fights Tyrus for the Television Championship. Clearwater has charisma, the in-ring ability, and could be a big name right now if given the opportunity. PJ Hawx and Jordan Clearwater stole the show in this match and the future is definitely bright in NWA.

Final Match Rating: Not the worst match on the show.

Final Show Rating: Worth Watching

This was a significant improvement from the NWAUSA episode I reviewed before. The styles of the shows are similar, but this episode of Powerrr gave better wrestling and had bigger stars on the show. It felt bigger and was much more entertaining. I will definitely watch Powerrr again!