Pro Wrestling Journey: CCW Legacy (Dec 2021)

Greg Mitchell January 20, 2022 Comments Off on Pro Wrestling Journey: CCW Legacy (Dec 2021)

I’ve been spending a lot of time on lately, so I decided to switch over to Title Match Network and play a fun round of search roulette to find something new to watch.

Semi-Final of CCW Championship Tournament
Christina Marie vs Willow Nightingale

Pre-Match Comments: First of all, the opening video package to the show was really cool. The music was good. The clips they chose fit well with the music. Overall, it was very well produced. I was also really excited to see Sam Leterna as the ring announcer for the show. I enjoyed her commentary on Mission Pro Wrestling’s Silver Bells show, but she appears to be a Jill-of-all-trades and can do anything. As far as this match goes, I know nothing about either wrestler. I think I may have seen a clip or a promo poster with Willow Nightingale before because she seems familiar to me, but otherwise both are new so I’m watching this match and most of this show with Virgin’s Eyes!

Willow Nightingale won via pinfall.

Post-Match Thoughts: At first I felt the match was really slow, but about 5 minutes in I felt myself eager to find out what was going to happen next. Willow Nightingale is really impressive. If you haven’t seen her wrestle before, I highly recommend that you check out some of her work. She is incredibly strong. At one point she was in a Boston Crab and she stood up with Marie on her back and countered it into a fireman’s carry death valley driver. I kept imagining her as a combination of Jordynne Grace and Kylie Ray with that infectious smile but the power to seriously injure her opponent. Great way to start the show!

Overall Match Rating: Worth Watching!

On a separate note, I don’t know whose idea it was to put the bell table right next to the ring (literally right next to it), but there was a spot in this match where Marie was bounced outside, and she got stuck on the table. Luckily, there did not appear to be any injuries, but this layout does not appear to be safe. But I’m just a fan, so what do I know!?

Semi-Final of CCW Championship Tournament
Masha Slamovich vs KiLynn King

Pre-Match Comments: I’ve heard of Masha Slamovich before, but not from her wrestling matches. I’ve heard of her because I keep drawing her everytime I open a new deck from WrestleDeck. I’ve literally sold more Masha Slamovich cards than any other wrestler, so it’s a little exciting to actually see her in a match. The announcers mentioned that was was recently signed to Impact Wrestling, so I’ll definitely have to take a peak at Impact Plus to see her in action on that brand.

KiLynn King won via pinfall.

Post-Match Thoughts: Is it weird that my attention kept going to the large sign outside the ring for “Beaver Ranch?” It feels like that sign is a little in poor taste for an all-women’s wrestling show, unless that was the intention. I guess I’ll never know. But what I do know is exactly why Impact Wrestling signed Masha Slamovich. During this match, I kept thinking about other wrestlers that I’d love to see both of these women wrestle or even team up with. The options are endless for both. I could easily see both of them working well with so many wrestlers. KiLynn picked up the victory, but both of these wrestlers looked impressive. I’d love to see them face off again, maybe even in a two out of three falls match. Give me as much ass kicking as possible! Both can bring it. This match was great.

Overall Match Rating: Worth Watching!

Gabriella, Morther Endless & Kayla Sparks vs Renegade Twins & Kat Spencer

Pre-Match Comments: Time to get this party started! The Renegade Twins are in action and I am a HUGE fan! These two are legitimate and every match I watch with the Champ Champs is just as entertaining as the last. I believe I saw Kayla Sparks in a Mission Pro Wrestling event, but the rest of the group is unknown to me. Regardless, I am fully expecting to see the Renegade Twins kick some you know what in this match!

Renegade Twins & Kat Spencer win via DQ.

Post-Match Thoughts: Ok, let me start by saying I still love the Renegade Twins. This match was a cluster of epic proportions. At one point I was literally asking who was calling this match because it looked like six different competitors were having different matches. Nobody was in sync, and it hurt the quality of the match. There isn’t a lot of positive that came out of this. I’m actually a bit speechless on this one.

Overall Match Rating: Skip It.

Finals of CCW Championship Tournament
Willow Nightingale vs KiLynn King

Pre-Match Comments: Alright CCW, this show was going great before the last match. Let’s rebound! This should be a stellar match based on the two semi-final matches we’ve seen already.

KiLynn King won via pinfall to become first ever CCW Champion.

Post-Match Thoughts: KiLynn’s handstand counter to escape the headscissors and transition into a headlock was awesome! The story these two told in this match was perfect. Both were just as powerful, just as strong, just as challenging to get the upperhand against. Even the quirky parts of the match made sense with the story and they never strayed far from the narrative they were telling the audience. I can’t say enough positive about Willow. I’m sure some people see her and think she’s just another overweight female wrestler, but she is agile, strong, and very flexible. She actually reminds me of a Kevin Steen from his Ring of Honor days. The things Willow can do in the ring should not be possible for a normal person. Likewise, KiLynn King proved why she is the “MF” King! I kept imagining her fighting in a War Games match in NXT someday. She can bring the pain and has that rough, gritty attitude that she can go to war with anyone. These two deserved to be in the finals and I’ll definitely remember both names for a long time!

Overall Match Rating: MUST WATCH!

Overall Show Rating: Worth Watching!!

I noticed at the end of the show that the referee for this event did every single match on the show. Kudos to her for her work on the entire show. I don’t know her name or Twitter handle, so if you know it please share this with her. She was fantastic!