• Ohio Baseball Weekly 9/30 Show Cancelled…

    Greg Mitchell

    We apologize but due to an unfortunate power outage, tonight’s show is cancelled. Join hosts Mark Donahue and Dave Mitchell on Thursday night for the Ultimate Sports Talk Show at 7pm ET as they discuss the Reds and Indians and the outcome of the Wildcard Races. Thank you to you, our fans, for your continued support and your love for these two great teams.

  • Ohio Baseball Weekly 3-4-13

    Greg Mitchell

    Catch all the latest news, rumors and updates on the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians with your hosts Dave Mitchell and Mark Donahue. Ohio Baseball Weekly airs live every Monday night at 9:00pm Eastern Time on the Ultimate Sports Talk Radio Network. You can visit listen live by going to www.ultimatesportstalk.com.

    On this week’s show, we brought Adam Green from ArizonaSports.com to discuss the trade for Trevor Bauer. You can follow him on twitter @TheAdamGreen.

    Every week, the show has an “Ask Us” segment where we read your questions from twitter and email throughout the week. You can email us at askus@ultimatesportstalk.com or send us a tweet @ohbbcohost or @ultsportstalk. As always, you can leave a question or comment below!

  • Ohio Baseball Weekly Returns Tonite on UST

    Dave Mitchell

    As most of you have noticed my articles have cut down over the past couple weeks. That is for a very good reason.

    Tonite is the opening night of the “Ohio Baseball Weekly” show. It’s been an interesting winter for both the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians. Certainly the Indians have changed their outlook for the season, while the Reds are the defending National League Central division.

    Mark Donahueme wo glassesMark Donahue and I have been doing the show for two years, and this year will be the most exciting. Not only do both teams promise to be a winner in 2013, but our show has added features that will make it more interesting and fan friendly.

    This year we can accept phone calls, tweets and emails. We invite you to please call us or let us know your questions about the teams or baseball in general.

    We will be including more interviews and team soundbites throughout the year. Tonite’s guest is expected to be Adam Green of ArizonaSports.com and his article speaking on current Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer and his attitude problems in Arizona.

    Tonite’s show will be a two hour special going from 9-11pm, while the show settles in to it’s regular time slot every Monday evening at 9pm. To get you in the baseball mood, this website is playing an “Ohio Baseball Weekly” show marathon from last year. Simply click on the listen now bar on the right side of the page and enjoy.

    We hope you join us all season long.


    Dave Mitchell co-hosts with Mark Donahue the UST talk show “Ohio Baseball Weekly,” highlighting the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds. The Show returns on March 4th, at 9pm with a two-hour special. If you have a comment on this or any other article,email Dave at dmitch@ultimatesportstalk.com or on twitter @ohbbcohost or @ultsportstalk.

  • UST Radio: Ohio Baseball Weekly 3-4-13

    Greg Mitchell

    Spring training is underway and that means another season of Ohio Baseball Weekly on the Ultimate Sports Talk Radio Network!  This internet radio show airs live every Monday night at 9:00pm Eastern Time.

    We are proud to announce that hosts Mark Donahue and Dave Mitchell are BACK for another season of Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians baseball.  These two baseball experts discuss all the news, updates and rumors of these two organizations from Spring Training through the Playoffs.


    With that said, here is just one update on Indians Spring training:



    Catch a special 2012 Marathon of Ohio Baseball Weekly broadcasts airing live now on the Ultimate Sports Talk Radio Network.  Just click “Listen Now” on the right-hand side of the page to listen to the show!  And don’t forget to tune in on Monday night at 9pm to get caught up on the Reds and Indians in 2013.


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