Ohio Baseball Weekly Show to Return March 10th

Dave Mitchell February 25, 2014 Comments Off on Ohio Baseball Weekly Show to Return March 10th

Indians logo RedsUltimatesportstalk.com is announcing the return of the “Ohio Baseball Weekly” show at 9pm on March 10th.

The show will return with Mark Donahue and Dave Mitchell as the co-hosts. Quiet is the term for both the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians during the off season, but it’s certain Mark and Dave won’t be. The Reds hope to rebound from a disappointing season, yet with a berth in the National League playoffs. The Indians, on the other hand, hope to build upon their “one-and-out” playoff appearance in the American League.

Mark and Dave have been doing the show for three years, and year four will be the most exciting. Both teams have the makeup to be a winner in 2014, but our show has added features that will make it more interesting and fan friendly.

This year we will accept phone calls, something we have been unable to do in the past. We invite you to call in and talk about the Reds, Indians, or baseball in general. As always we will be accepting emails and tweets. We will be including more interviews and team soundbites throughout the year.

We hope you join us all season long on the “Ohio Baseball Weekly” show, beginning Monday evening, March 10th at 9pm here on ultimatesportstalk.com.


Dave Mitchell co-hosts with Mark Donahue the UST talk show “Ohio Baseball Weekly,” highlighting the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds. The Show returns on March 10th, at 9pm. Dave also hosts the “ultimatesportstalk show Thursday evenings at 7pm. If you have a comment on this or any other article,email Dave at dmitch@ultimatesportstalk.com or on twitter @ohbbcohost or @ultsportstalk.