Random Sports “Footnotes”

Dave Mitchell January 17, 2013 Comments Off on Random Sports “Footnotes”

Every once in awhile thoughts shake around in the brain with enough legs to speak on, yet not enough to write about. It’s time to take a look at some “Footnotes”.


TERRY FRANCONA’S New Book is called Francona: The Red Sox Years and is co-written by the Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy. Francona is making the book tour before his new club, the Cleveland Indians, begin spring training next month.

No release date has been announced but excerpts prove this book will make the Boston Red Sox ownership look as “dingy” inside Fenway Park as they do on the outside.

In the book Francona quoted former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, “They told us we didn’t have any marketable players, that we needed some sizzle. We need some sexy guys. Talk about the tail wagging the dog. This is like an absurd comedy. We’d become too big. It was the farthest thing removed from what we set out to be.”

The Adrian Gonzalez deal now makes more sense. However did Francona push the Indians to sign Nick Swisher for the same reason? Stay tuned.


TRAVIS HAFNER is still without a contract. Reports say the Indians might be interested in resigning him to be the DH this season.

This might be odd coming from this corner, but that’s not the worst idea Chris Antonetti has had. If the price was right and he would accept an incentive based contract, Hafner could be back with the Tribe. DH is a weak spot in the lineup. Currently slated for that spot is Yan Gomes, a catcher turned first baseman acquired from Toronto in November. Gomes has only 98 at bats in the Majors but might get a shot as the full time DH if Hafner doesn’t return.

Another alternative could be Manny Ramirez. Francona managed him in Boston and Ramirez is itching to get back to the majors. He could be signed cheap and the Tribe could get a good look in spring training.


MARC TRESTMAN is now the new coach of the Chicago Bears. After 5 years in the Canadian Football League as head coach of the Montreal Alouettes he finally gets his shot at the NFL. Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar, whom many still respect his football acumen, loves Trestman and is in favor of the hire.

Trestman tutored Bears quarterback Jay Cutler before the 2005 draft. At the time Cutler was an unknown out of Vanderbilt but was drafted by then Denver coach Mike Shanahan in the first round.

The Bears want Trestman to improve the offense, especially Cutler. For his first head coaching job in the NFL Trestman’s undertaking is huge. Cutler has the reputation of not listening to coaches, antagonizing teammates and not working to be better. For Trestman to achieve the success he had in the CFL, Cutler needs to grow up.


CHIP KELLY is the new coach in Philadelphia after a weekend-long courtship and subsequent turn down, then turn around. Nothing is concrete but it wouldn’t be surprising that Kelly got back to Oregon, found out the coming NCAA sanctions are bigger than anyone thought, and decided the NFL looked better than ever.


IS ANYONE ELSE bothered by the advertising that pops up when you want to see a video on the internet? There is no bigger frustration than to click on an interesting video only to get stopped by a 30 second commercial.

This morning I tried to watch a video of Brent Musburger who called Sideline reporter Holly Rowe “hot” after his broadcast Monday night. It was Musburger who got into trouble during the BCS Championship game for calling out A. J. McCarron’s girlfriend and Miss Alabama Katherine Webb. I was sidetracked by a Jello commercial. If I wanted to see Jello I would have looked up pictures of McCarron’s mother Dee Dee Bonner. (Look her up and see what I mean)


DWIGHT HOWARD has run his course in Los Angeles. He has Kobe upset, coaches upset, management and the fans. Howard looks like he isn’t interested in playing anymore. He’s wanted a new contract for three years, it’s all he has talked about. He ran himself and coach Stan Van Gundy out of Orlando and now LA is tired of him.

He argues with Refs after every call and shows disdain for anything basketball. His FT percentage has consistently gone down, showing a lack of concentration. The Lakers might try and trade him before the deadline in February, but will anyone want him and can they match his contract demands. One could argue his talent no longer approaches his salary. The Lakers might be stuck.


YANKEES THIRD baseman Alex Rodriquez underwent successful surgery to repair a torn labrum and impingement in his left hip Wednesday. Recovery time is six months, the team said. Does anyone else wonder why it took so long for Rodriquez to have this done? He and the team knew about it in the playoffs. He could have been ready in May if the surgery was done in November.


FINALLY NOTRE DAME linebacker Manti Te’o was fooled by a make believe girlfriend and her death. He is a star and was second in the Heisman Trophy voting, yet he supposedly loved a girl he never met. Aren’t their enough “real” women in South Bend for him to find a girl friend? Only in Notre Dame. This entire incident will hurt him in the upcoming NFL draft.


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