Pro Wrestling Journey: Mission Pro Wrestling Crazy Train

Greg Mitchell January 30, 2022 Comments Off on Pro Wrestling Journey: Mission Pro Wrestling Crazy Train

Since Holidead is not able to wrestle tonight, Thunder Rosa will be defending her Warrior Wrestling championship against La Rosa Negra. OH HELL YEAH!!!!

 GiGi Rey vs Rache Chanel

Pre-Match Thoughts: I’ve seen GiGi Rey before and mentioned from the show I watched last Fall that I felt she needed more experience. She is in incredible shape, but she is really tentative in the ring. Her personality and her in-ring moves do not match. I’m not expecting a great showing in this one, but we’ll see if GiGi has improved in the last couple of months.

Rache Chanel won via pinfall.

Post-Match Comments: The best moments of this match were Rache’s offensive flurries. I actually wish the entire match had been nothing but that. GiGi still has a long way to go. I just don’t believe that she is able to hurt anyone in the ring. Her moves aren’t believable. I think she can definitely improve, but the last two matches I have seen from her have been lackluster.

Overall Match Rating: Skip It

Winner to be only man to represent MPW at The Collective Show
Kari Wright vs JP Harlow vs Ninja Mack vs Jesus Rodriguez

Pre-Match Thoughts: Harlow is always pretty decent in the ring. This match was surprisingly turned into a Fatal Four Way match right before it began. I saw Ninja Mack at the last GCW show. This should be fun to watch!

JP Harlow won via pinfall.

Post-Match Comments: I honestly was sad seeing Jesus Rodriquez. He has gained a lot of weight since his WWE days, but even worse he was visibly out of breath after the first few minutes of the match. He still tried hard and did his best, but I just kept feeling bad for him. With that said, Ninja Mack was fun to watch, and JP Harlow has some fun spots in this one. Looking forward to seeing him at The Collective Show! One last thought – nobody has better music than JP Harlow, well except Chris Jericho.

Overall Match Rating: Worth Watching

Sierra vs Davienne

Pre-Match Thoughts: I don’t know much about either of these two. I have heard of Sierra before because she has wrestled a lot in the Midwest. But aside from knowing her by name, this is the first time I will see either of these two wrestle. I’m not sure what to think, so I’ll go into this with an open mind.

Davienne won via pinfall.

Post-Match Comments: Sierra can flat out go! I was really impressed with her. The commentators kept talking about the great accomplishments of Davienne, but Sierra is definitely an up-and-comer. You can say wrestling is fake, but that running dropkick Davienne hit to win the match had to hurt! That was a powerful ending to a fun match.

Overall Match Rating: Worth Watching

CCW Championship Match
Natalia Markova vs KiLynn King (c)
Match changed to Killa Kate vs KiLynn King

Pre-Match Thoughts: I went out on a limb on Twitter and declared this match my prediction for match of the night. I stand behind that prediction based on what I’ve seen so far. I think this will be an incredible match. I can’t wait! No offense to Kate, but I’m really pissed about this last-minute substitution. I know Kate is good, but I’ve been gearing up for this match for two weeks. This is a let down in my book.

KiLynn King won via pinfall to retain CCW Championship.

Post-Match Comments: At one point, I think Killa Kate forgot that she wasn’t at the WWE Royal Rumble, because she tossed King over the top rope like that was going to do something for her. There were some good spots in this match, but I’m still disappointed in the swap of competitors. I think Mission Pro Wrestling is trying to keep the audience guessing at every turn, but this has been a bit too much for me personally. This is no fault of the performers in this match, and now my match of the night prediction is probably ruined. All eyes go to Thunder Rosa vs La Rosa Negra in the main event!

Overall Match Rating: Worth Watching

Madie Wrenkowski vs Mazeratti

Pre-Match Thoughts: I’ve seen Madie Wrenkowski wrestle several times. I’ve been pleased with every match she has been in. Her in-ring ability is solid and her promos on social media are getting a lot better. Her work in NWA is strong too. This is a future star for sure! I saw some of Mazeratti’s work on social media before the event. Honestly, I wasn’t overly impressed.  But it’s Madie Wrenkowski, so can it really be a bad match?

Madie Wrenkowski won.

Post-Match Thoughts: This match was everything I wanted it to be. Plenty of Madie Wrenkowski kicking butt. Honestly, if she isn’t in a title picture somewhere in the next two months, I will be screaming on social media. She deserves a shot at a strap and has the talent to back it up.

Overall Match Rating: Worth Watching

Mission Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match
Renegade Twins vs Kelsey Reagan & Viva Van

Pre-Match Thoughts: It’s the Renegade Twins. Need I say more? Prediction, Renegade Twins. Prediction #2, pain!

Renegade Twins won via pinfall to retain championships.

Post-Match Comments: The Champ Champs retained the belts. Let’s be honest, we all saw that coming. They are a force to be reckoned with and apparently win everywhere except for AEW. If WWE is paying attention, they are missing a prime opportunity to have the next Bellas on their roster. Sign them up immediately and let them go to town. After the match Madie Wrenkowski came out with Rache Chanel to become the clear contenders for the Renegades’ titles. I really like Wrenkowski as you just read, but turning her into a tag team artist is not what I had in mind for a title match. She’s a singles wrestler. Let her stay in the singles matches, but I will definitely still watch that match!

Overall Match Rating: Worth Watching

Warrior Wrestling Championship Match
Thunder Rosa (c) vs La Rosa Negra

Pre-Match Thoughts: This was the big surprise from the beginning of the night when Holidead could not compete and tried to relinquish the title, but the Mission Pro GM would not allow it. Holidead has until the March show to heal up from that attack last night by the Renegade Twins. In the meantime, Thunder Rosa puts her Warrior Wrestling title on the line against her best friend La Rosa Negra. Two incredible wrestlers facing each other in a main event? Hell yes! I have to admit I am a little worried, though. I have a front row ticket to Warrior Wrestling’s show in February and Thunder Rosa is supposed to defend the title at that show. She better not lose this one!

Thunder Rosa won via submission to retain the Warrior Wrestling Championship.

Post-Match Comments: Holy crap! What a match! This was definitely match of the night. Thunder Rosa went on to grab a microphone and clearly had some pent up anger she had to get off her chest about her peers telling her that she isn’t deserving to be in the same ring as them. Thunder Rosa is an amazing competitor and both La Rosa Negra and she gave it their all in this match. I thought they might fight forever. Both had so many opportunities where they could have won the match. It was insane! What a fun way to end the evening!

Overall Match Rating: MUST WATCH!

Overall Show Rating: Worth Watching!

Final Comments: The show started off a little slow in quality of matches. I was honestly surprised at how many swerves there were in the show, especially in who was actually competing in the matches. My feelings are still hurt from the KiLynn King debacle, but that still didn’t make for a bad match. The impressive match at the end of the card was the perfect way to top off the evening. I’m actually glad this happened because I don’t think Holidead vs La Rosa Negra could have possible been better. Now all MPW eyes turn to March and then on to The Collective!